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Scouting Video: Dominic Smith, 1B, Serra (CA) HS (2013 Draft)

February 7, 2013

Dominic Smith is one of the high school golden boys of the 2013 draft, the kind of hyped guy we see every year around here. I have seen him for some time. To be honest, I’m not a big fan. I think he’s an over-draft, certainly an over-hype, showcase service all-star. It’s not that I don’t want him to do well, it’s that I think he’s not as good as he should be at this stage — either that, or he’s too inconsistent for his own good.

I saw Smith in the Fall of his freshman year. At the time, I thought he was on the way to becoming lean and lanky. I was thinking speed and power potential. I was still OK with him as a sophomore. But the summer between his junior and senior year, I really thought he had gone backwards. I didn’t really love any of the looks I saw at Area Codes and Aflac or Petco Game or whatever it’s called these days.

The biggest problem I have with Smith is that if he’s not going to show you consistent raw power, what is he? He can’t run, he’s got limited, stiff actions, he doesn’t throw, and his body is getting suspect. I mean, I hate to be the one guy in America pointing out what every scout is going to think, but that’s the point of the site. If there’s not a lot of consistent raw power with this player, you have a guy with no secondary tools who can’t play a position, coming out of high school, and will need a long haul in the minor leagues.

I actually tend to think a kid like this is a product of the over-hyped amateur baseball system we have now. Smith should be a guy that we patiently develop, but instead we take a certain amount of kids, over-hype them, over-entitle them, over-publicize them, and make it a sin to point out their faults on the field. I mean, you can get bent at me, and sometimes people do, but if a player has weaknesses they will be exposed in professional baseball, period. So unless you are helping a young man understand before he enters pro ball what he needs to do, then you are only helping the kid for your own good, and the kid isn’t getting good. Good luck to Smith but I’ve seen a million guys like this come and go.


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