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Area Codes Day 2 Notes

August 6, 2012

Hey, has anybody ever seen a foul ball take out a radar gun? I haven’t seen it either. I’d like to see it. I’ve heard of guys dropping guns and breaking them, but not an actual foul ball killing a radar gun. I have seen foul balls take out laptops in big league press boxes, though. I love it when that happens, especially when I don’t like the person.

I wish I could say Day 2 was full of such excitement, but I’m afraid overt theatrics were not involved. We saw some little flashes here and there. Such is life.

Some notes from the Yankees and Nationals: Deric Boone, who has some other toolsy attributes, engaged in an epic at-bat that resulted in several foul balls. He eventually drew a walk, which sapped the life out of the guy pitching for the Yankees, resulting in hard contact hits from Cassidy Brown and Dalton Dulin. The next guy, Nick Longhi, who thinks he’s Brad Fullmer but probably doesn’t know who Brad Fullmer is, also hit a hard single to right out of that wrap of his. This inning, which all started from Boone’s good at-bat, right vs. left, dragged on for so long that it blew lunch for most guys and reminds us why we don’t use umpires in real scout ball games.

My notes also indicate hard contact from Dulin again, Ronnie Healy and Chuckie Robinson, who is vying to be the next big Chuckie to come out of the Area Codes.

Some notes from Brewers and White Sox: Alexander Jackson is a fire-hydrant body with some pop, witnessed by his home run to left field over the 348 mark and the hard double to left. That was about the only loud stuff worth mentioning from this year’s So Cal over-hyped and underachieving class of Area Code position players. Nice to see so many arms from the left side of the infield, I’ll say that. Among the pitching arms, lefty Ian Clarkin touched 92 and flashed a curveball. Right-hander Phil Bickford ran it to 91.

Rangers and Royals: Shortstop Eric Garza hit a hard double down the line. When paired with his glove work, this means he will get many looks this spring. Among other hard singles I noted, contact loud enough to wake me up from the afternoon grind, were Cole Bedford and Darryn Sheppard. Stone Garrett got the butterflies out with a single. Sheldon Neuse did his 87-90 thing. Good ballplayer, needs to hit so we can get his arm, glove and hands into third while we’re all holed up at Blair. Right-hander Casey Meisner touched 90, and so did righty Dominic Taccolini, who might think about that raw power he flashed during BP a few days ago.

For the Royals, Tommy Lane had a hard double and a hard triple in the last inning against Neuse. That’s the hardest part of the cycle in one inning against one guy. Trace Loehr can run. That’s all for today.


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