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Scouting Report: Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State (2012 Draft)

March 3, 2012

Now, it’s about time to break out the old fashioned scouting report format. For those of you new to the site, this is about what most of your professional scouts are typing in. Different clubs have different variations and those variations change based on a lot of variables. So I try to keep these basic and not make it harder than it should be, but you can be assured that the basic parts of the report I’m using are consistent.

It’s been a few months since I decided to write one of these out, so we’ll see if this is like a bicycle and if my chops are getting any better. I’ll always remember the scout who told me, “So you write books, huh? Can you keep these short?”

I said, “Can I drop four f-bombs a sentence and make it sound graceful?”

Andrew Heaney, LHS
Oklahoma State University. Games 1, Innings 7.
Seen Feb. 17, 2012 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Scout: Klima

Physical Description: Slender build with narrow features through shoulders, chest, hips and legs.

Strengths: FB 89-93 (91-92 early, 89-90 later) with cut & sink to RHH. Curve-change (screwball) best secondary weapon, 78-80, late dive to RHH. CHG 76-80, occasional sink, some straight. Easy repetitive delivery, mid ¾ occasional drops low ¾.  Up-tempo strike-thrower not afraid to pitch inside. Flashes feel for pitching to his strengths, changing speeds, keeping ball out of hitting zone. Serviceable slide step, adequate holding runners. Fields position.

Weaknesses: Under-developed change-up he tends to over-throw. Tends to fall in love with screwball against RHH and did not show a hard breaking weapon low-and-away on RHH. Will need to use an additional weapon at higher levels, especially on outer half. Won’t have the frame to support a ton more extra muscle; can build stamina but this is what his FB will be.

Summary: Potential 3-pitch middle rotation MLB starter reminds me in body, stuff, strength and competitiveness of young Jamie Moyer. Possesses funky action and resilient arm. Flashes pro ability to guess in front of hitters, gives him a chance to perform above his physical grades in coming years.

Grades: FB 4/5, CHG 4/5, other (Screwball) 4/5, Control 4/5, Command 4/5 OFP: 50
OFP Range 48-52.

What the Grades Mean

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