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Scouting Notebook: Arizona Fall League Pitchers

February 13, 2010

Clearing out the scouting notebook, here’s a look at some of the pitchers from the 2009 Arizona Fall League. Disclosure: I did not see all of the clubs, but every pitcher’s comment here comes from first-hand work in the trenches. Every pitcher has a pro-adjusted OFP, so consult Scouting 101 to follow along with what I think will be that guy’s ML role.

Josh Fields, RHP (Mariners)
FB 91-94, average control. Stocky body lacks physical projection. Arm action a concern. One-pitch guy. ML role: Bullpen. Pro OFP: 49

Danny Moskos, LHP (Pirates)
FB 87-88, SL 85-86, CH 83, Control average. Does not create separation and deception. Lacks CH for RHH. ML role: LH specialist. Pro OFP: 47

Scott Gorgen, RHP (Cardinals)
FB 89-92, CB 88, CH 74. Average control. Stocky frame, max-effort, hides FB, rising FB. Do not like body type. ML role: Bullpen. Pro OFP: 49

Danny Gutierrez, RHP (Rangers)
2-seam FB 92-93, 4-seam FB 94-95, SL 76, CH 73-76. Long legs and power, late bloomer. Below-average command but two different fastballs with movement, serviceable CH. ML: Potential closer or set-up. Pro OFP: 50

Mike Dunn, LHP (Yankees)
FB 91-93, CB 82-86. Good body, closed front, below-average command. FB is weapon, lacked CH for RHH, knocks him out of being a starter. ML role: LH specialist. Pro OFP: 47

Craig Kimbrell, RHP (Braves)
FB: 94-96; 96-97, CH 82. Modest body, little guy with a big arm. No physical projection, but drops and drives. Two speeds on FB plus CH makes him closer candidate. Pro OFP: 55

Tommy Mendoza, RHP (Angels)
FB 87-88, SL 82-84, CH 80-83. Soft life down in strike zone. Lacks power, may not be all the way back from arm medicals. Below-average to average command. Good body and delivery. May find way into ML bullpen, but won’t be here. Pro OFP: 47

Reidier Gonzalez, RHP (Blue Jays)
FB 91, CB 73, CH 82-83. Below-average stuff across the board. Fringe prospect at best. Pro OFP: 45

Javy Guerra, RHP (Dodgers)
FB 92-94, SL 88, CH 81-83. Definite bullpen help; middle-rotation starter candidate if he can command and control better on both his best pitches, FB and SL. Gets downhill and extension, no more physical projection. Like as closer; medicals in past make me leery as starter. Pro OFP: 52

Dustin Richardson, LHP (Red Sox)
FB 92-94, CB 78, CH 79-80. Big body, heavy FB, lacks balance and coordination, prohibits him from becoming frontline starter. Definite bullpen candidate, could be ML LH bullpen help.  Pro OFP: 50

Garrett Parcell, RHP (Marlins)
FB 91-93, CB 74. Good body, arm speed and arm action; lacks FB command and consistency, doesn’t finish off hitters. ML role: bullpen. Pro OFP: 52

Blake Wood, RHP (Royals)
FB 91-92, CH 78-79, SL 74. Slow arm speed, lumbering body, below-average FB command, inconsistent across the board. Not ML starter for me; not enough power to be bullpen help. Pro OFP: 45

Zach Kroenke, LHP (Diamondbacks)
FB 88-90, SL 83. Serviceable LH relief help; attacks LHH, no CH for RHH. Incomplete prospect, decent arm from LH side, bullpen help at best. Pro OFP: 49

Grant Duff, RHP (Mets)
FB 91-94, SL 88, CH 81. Big body, pitches at 91-92, average FB command, high ¾ slot, Bruney-type body. ML role: Middle-rotation RH starter or potential closer. Pro OFP: 53

Spencer Steedley, LHP (Twins)
FB 88-90, CH 81-84. Average frame and below-average FB command, but average FB movement. Hides ball and repeats delivery, CH best weapon. Won’t be for everyone but should be LH relief specialist at ML level. Pro OFP: 47

Richie Lenz, RHP (Red Sox)
FB 89-94, CB 76-77, CH 80. ¾ slot, no projection, big body, hard two-seam FB, below-average command, one-pitch guy. Pro OFP: 47

Robbie Weinhardt, RHP (Tigers)
FB 91-92; 93-95, CB 84, CH 71. Average body, live FB, 3 pitches. Average command, FB hard sink at 91-92, does not hide, does not create deception.  Pro OFP: 49

Evan Englebrook, RHP (Astros)
FB 93. Big body, hooks wrist, average arm speed, gets downhill. Doesn’t hide or create deception, FB lacked life and movement. Too old for this league.  Pro OFP: 47

Lee Hyde, LHP (Braves)
FB 88-91, SL 81. Little guy, above-average FB command, FB arm side run, above-average 81 slider vs. LHH, struck out Ackley. Love this guy as LH reliever. Pro OFP: 50


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